Battleright presents ULTIDUO 2: A New Chapter In Salty Champions



SIGNUPS: – America and Asia is on the Saturday 1st of October, 7:30pm EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME – Europe is on the Sunday 2nd of October, 11am CENTRAL EUROPE STANDARD TIME


The winners of each Ultiduo will be given a MOLTEN MOUNT thanks to Stunlock Studios, the makers of Battlerite!


Infomation about Ultiduo

2 thoughts on “Battleright presents ULTIDUO 2: A New Chapter In Salty Champions”

    1. Battlefy. We’ve had issues with battlefy at previous events- ok I won’t do the speech. I had multiple issues with fixing things related to the mechanics Battlefy uses, namely a) once you submit a team of 2 and remove the captain you can’t name someone else captain, making the team unable to ready on the website and b) putting the incorrect round infomation on the match pages when the correct round infomation is on the bracket, which makes no sense how they screwed it up.

      I feel like it would be best to change before we’re sucked into the ecosystem. I may go back when they’ve fixed major bugs such as those.

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