Top 5 Teams Last Week (October 17th)

Top Five (actually six) Teams Last Week

Here’s a list of the top winning teams for weekly tournaments last week. We calculate from tournaments won including 3v3 and 2v2. 


5th – Full Prediction (Morphy & hnkn)

3rd at eSportsWall Battlerite Brawlers #1

3rd at ESL Europe #3


Equal 4th – Dancing Penguins (Crazy, thepidor & Bo4)

1st at CBR League #1

Qualified for Masters Of Bacon Finals


Equal 4th – H3llo/Prepare To Die (k3ba4b1 & Godof with LittleMaster)

1st at eSportsWall Battlerite Brawlers #1 (as H3llo 2v2)

Qualified for Masters Of Bacon Finals (as Prepare to Die 3v3)


3rd – Flower Power (Winghaven & Sizenn)

1st at ESL Europe #3

1st in Battlerite League #2


2nd – Fishwha Loveboat (Finlev & neewha) 

1st at Pro Rivalry League #1

3rd at ESL America #3

Finlev was 2nd in PlayTourney Qualifiers NA #2 with “up in arms” (fernadoh & Finlev).


1st – Skywingg (dZnHasGiven & Skywind) 

1st at PlayTourny Qualifiers NA #2

1st at ESL America #3

2nd at Pro Rivalry League #1


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