This Week’s Results and Top Teams (November 6th)

Top 3 Teams This Week:

TeamKeepoEZBT – With a massive win at Masters of Bacon for 600 euro and a top 4 placing at the Go4 to get points for the finals, this team is well placed to be names to be feared. Look out for Xaynox’s Rhu Khan with great positioning and grabs.

ProficiencyHQ – Managing to participate in every event they can, this trio is quite skilled and should be feared the world over. dZnHasGiven on the Oldur has been a particular pain in many teams behinds.

Project Horizon – Go4 Week 1 was a star lineup of teams, so it’s surprising to see a new face destroy teams like Paralyzed and TeamKeepoEZBT and win the 100 euros as well as points. bLankkz on Lucie has been a menace with great ultis and positioning.

This Week’s Results:

Esports Wall Battlerite Brawlers (2v2 EU)
Week 4

1st – Brows on Fleek (Iska & Rifletown)
2nd – Gonna Oduem This (ExBlack & Wuzac)
3rd – The Skyfoogles (Brunost & Lazerduck)
4th – Paralyzed (Morawy & DembowStyle)

ESL Open EA Cup (2v2 Asia)
Week 4

1st – ProficiencyHQ (dZnHasGiven & Skywind [Protagonist as third])
3rd – MukinSonen (Arel & kamibukuro)
4th – higuysimnew (dddeee & mitch)

ESL Open EA Cup (3v3 Asia)
Week 2

1st – guardian of hell (koishi, maxin & windofbitter)
2nd – ProficiencyHQ (dZnHasGiven, Skywind & Protagonist)

ESL Open EA Cup (3v3 EU)
Week 3

1st – Gonna remake this (ExBlack, Hotbiscuit & Joltz)
2nd – TEAM HÄRLIGA (Broxxy & Klicios)
3rd – Born For Glory (Nartie, Pandafil & RikiCkrash)
4th – OgrsTv (MikolasBY, DemomanIV & Russk1LL)

ESL Go4Battlerite Europe Cup (2v2 EU)
Week 1

1st – Project Horizon (bLankkz & 213213)
2nd – Brows on Fleek (Iska & Rifletown)
3rd – Burning Sands (Gazhag & obbeluff)
4th – TeamKeepoEZBT (randler & Xaynox [Unclepaul as third])

CBR Open League (3v3 Americas)
Week 4

1st – PraisetheSun (Averse, Outk4st & sk3tch)
2nd – Super Friends (Damocles, stro & Skulki)
3rd – ProficiencyHQ (dZnHasGiven, Skywind & Protagonist)
4th – Witness Me (Mosh, Emperor & Chalt)

Pro Rivalry League Battlerite (2v2 Americas)
Week 4

1st – Dream Crushers (Averse & stro)
2nd – NA plebs (Finlev & Arbs)
3rd – PraisetheSun (Outk4st & sk3tch [Averse as third])
4th – ProficiencyHQ (dZnHasGiven & Skywind [Protagonist as third])

Masters of Bacon
Grand Finals

1st – TeamKeepoEZBT (randler, Unclepaul & Xaynox)
2nd – Prepare to Die (K3b4b1, Godof & LittleMaster)
3rd – Dancing Penguins (bo4, Thepidor & Mini)
4th – Hairy Pot Potter Pots Potting Team (Condemned, Verosk & Zeant)


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  1. Team Sweway is Brows on fleek, and it was me (Rifletown) and Iska who played the go4battlerite tour! Ill grt this sorted out until next time! 🙂

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