Tierlist Time: 20th Nov

Let’s be honest here: everyone and their dog has made a goddamn tierlist for Battlerite for the clicks. So why am I spamming your screen with yet another one? Because all the tierlists I’ve seen are utter tripe and I’m a masochist for internet comments bashing me because I didn’t put their favourite champion one tier up. SO LET’S GO.

The aim of this tier list is to show the most popular champions played by the top players in NA and EU. All characters are viable at below 3500 MMR so don’t use this as a “EW THAT CHAMPION SUCKS” but instead as an idea of what heroes to practice against when you are going into eSports and tournament play. 


S Tier



Even with slight nerfs last patch, our favourite alchemist Lucie is still the most played hero in competitive Battlerite. The Panic potion has been the bane of players right now, managing to turn guaranteed rounds to a huge loss with good positioning and making them walk out of the circle of doom or into a wall to set up a chainstun. With good attack, a petrify and a game-changing ultimate if played right, support players don’t seem to be switching to a different champion any time soon.

Pros – Good Panic, Good Heals, High Support Damage.

Cons – Squishy, Lack of Escapes, High Learning Curve.

Recommended Battlerites – We’ve seen different players use all three of Round 1-4 battlerites, so it will depend on what mode you’re playing and who you’re playing against. Round 5 is always Sticky Goo though.


A Tier


Ruh Kaan

Mr. Sticky Hands here has been rampaging around the arena ever since he was released. His signature grab is able to disrupt any team positioning and his scythe is able to out-DPS most carries. He’s also rather simple to pick up, meaning a lot of previous players who main a melee hero have decided to switch it up.

Pros – Positioning Disruption, High Damage, Self Heal, Shield.

Cons – Low Escapes, prefers open maps.

Recommended Battlerites – Wicked Strike/Death Grip/either Nether Chains or Deaths Embrace/Bane/Hunger


Bakko is back, baby! With a powerful push and shove around the arena, as well as the mindgames of Bulwark, this is a mobile hero to fear. Of popular note is the idea of him countering all of the Panic flasks from Lucie as well as managing to stack stuns and split up enemy teams. The biggest issue is arena selection; you need those walls and tight arenas.

Pros – Positioning Disruption, Shield, High amount of Escapes.

Cons – Needs a tight map, Average Damage.

Recommended Battlerites – Raging Ram/Wall Slam/Rampage/either Mobile Defence or Inspiration/Reinforcement


He used to be the most powerful hero in Battlerite, and many players still specialise in the spearmaster. With insane escapes and a powerful ultimate, Shifu is able to jump in and out of fights with ease right now. Of particular note is the Incapitate on EX, many a Shifu has managed to land one on a carry, then jumped onto the all-alone support.

Pros – High amount of Escapes, Incap, High Damage.

Cons – High Learning Curve, Lack of Pure Stun.

Recommended Battlerites – Ceremonial Spear or Dirty Tricks/Skewer/Whirling Blade/Your Choice/Bloodthirst


The other support seen the most in pro play, and is mostly played for his one EX ability: Chronoflux. Dear god, Chronoflux. Also has a good shield and powerful ultimate to reposition during a bad play. Goddamn time llama.

Pros – High amount of Escapes, Big Ultimate, CHRONOFLUX.

Cons – Needs a tight map, average healing.

Recommended Battlerites – Sand Tomb/Renew/Rewind/Your Choice/Reversal


B Tier



Seen a bit of drop off in play, but is one of the most popular ranged heroes. Lackluster ultimate is fine since Jumong just uses Rain of Arrows over and over.


Easy to move around, fun to play, high damage. The biggest issue is squishiness.


Just watch ExBlack. Suffers from open arenas, but still has high damage.


Used to be an insanely powerful support, but then everyone jumped to Lucie. Has probably the best healing output in the game, however.


C Tier



Great invicibilty frames combined with great stuns and damage make Freya scary. The biggest issue here is that Ruh Kaan is just plain better.


Great damage and stuns, especially if paired with another chainstunner. Lack of escapes apart from the tornado is the killer here.


Sees play here and there, but relies on unpredictability and good teamwork with a partner.


A melee support suffers hard, with the only upside being great petrifies. Does see play in the NA region, but much less in the EU region.


Trash Tier



Grandma does see a bit of play here and there, but suffers from a high skill curve and lackluster damage.


Jade isn’t bad, it’s just that all her jobs are done better by Jumong and her ultimate requires you to stand still.


Does see some play, but in general Bakko is used more for the better moves.


High skill curve kills Mr. Spooky Bones.

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